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Nobel in economy and the obligo on Polish TGE

Nobel in economy and the exchange obligation in energy trading on the Polish Power Exchange

October is the time when the world circulates every few days who will receive the Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize in particular fields in 2020. The Central Bank of Sweden, which has sponsored the economic award, in 2020r honored two American economists: Paul Milgrom and his PhD thesis supervisor Robert Wilson. How this can have in common with energy buying?
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Capacity market fee-booster for energy transition

Capacity market fee - booster for energy transition

From 1st January 2021 (not as previously declared from 1st October 2020) electricity consumers in Poland will become CAPACITY MARKET FEE payers. Who it concerns, what it means, how it will be calculated and whether it can be avoided - the first in a series of articles on the capacity fee.
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PLAN AND EXECUTION - when will the energy

PLAN AND EXECUTION - when will the energy procurement strategy work and when will it not

In the previous post, Wojtek mentioned such an important element as the energy procurement strategy. Can the strategy not work as in the title? If we follow the guidelines scrupulously, it will work for sure, but remember that the results of this action may turn out to be inadequate, inconsistent with our business goals.
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RACE - how to buy energy

RACE - how to buy energy, not to bump and reach your destination

In recent weeks many of us have given up training and all competitions as we know have been canceled. Such times. Fortunately, what we have in our achievements is ours and at least we can refer to our experiences from previous years. I remember most of the half marathons I took part in, but a few of them in particular.
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