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Nuclear power plants against the sky

What is a nuclear power plant and how does it work? A few words about the atom

Learn about the principles of nuclear power plants, their history and how nuclear energy is used in the world and what are the plans for the atom in Poland.
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05_5 examples of energy transformation in

5 examples of energy transformation in energy procurement for various consumers

Energy prices are changing, the market environment is changing, and the approaches to purchasing energy are also changing. How to buy electricity and natural gas now and then? Will the future bring support in energy procurement and purchasing decisions, or will it help to predict prices?
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04_Polish green energy race on pit stop

Polish green energy race on pit stop

Two systems – auction and certificates Property rights market, commonly named as the “colours market”, supports electricity produced from different sources than coal. Green certificate typically refers to support to renewable energy sources. Where it is in your energy bill? Here it is:
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02_Why energy mix of Japan

Why energy mix of Japan has an influence on the European energy prices?

Seemingly, the relationship between the way electricity is produced in Japan and the energy prices in Europe seems at least strange and absurd for some. How can such a distant economy affect what is happening with the energy prices in e.g. Poland? Totally different economies, a different share of production sources in the energy mix.
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