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20_SaaS application that saves millions

SaaS application that saves enterprises millions on energy every year

Energy procurement is a much broader subject than many people think. It’s so complex that not even energy suppliers fully understand it. The realization of that fact was one of the key reasons why we started Enerace as a consulting company.
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19_Will Russia withstand the gas embargo

Will Russia withstand the gas embargo? Expert: There is no alternative

Economists are concerned whether Europe will cope with the possible embargo on gas supplies from Russia. Will it not cause a crisis in an industry that needs continuous gas fuel supplies?
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18_The impact of the war in Ukraine on energy

The impact of the war in Ukraine on energy purchases.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine opens up many questions about the future of the energy market in Europe. What can we expect? Will it suffer from the European and Polish economy and ordinary citizens?
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17_A path towards the energy crisis

A path towards the energy crisis

Energy consumers are appalled by the current levels of electricity and natural gas prices not only in Poland but throughout Europe and even beyond its borders. What was the reason of current situation?
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14_Nobel in economy and the exchange obligation

Nobel in economy and the exchange obligation in energy trading on the Polish Power Exchange

October is the time when the world circulates every few days who will receive the Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize in particular fields in 2020. The Central Bank of Sweden, which has sponsored the economic award, in 2020r honored two American economists: Paul Milgrom and his PhD thesis supervisor Robert Wilson. How this can have in common with energy buying?
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12_PLAN AND EXECUTION - when will the energy

PLAN AND EXECUTION - when will the energy procurement strategy work and when will it not

In the previous post, Wojtek mentioned such an important element as the energy procurement strategy. Can the strategy not work as in the title? If we follow the guidelines scrupulously, it will work for sure, but remember that the results of this action may turn out to be inadequate, inconsistent with our business goals.
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