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fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis in the decision to purchase gas or energy

Fundamental analysis - How to use it to buy energy or natural gas? What to look for when buying energy commodities?
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Nuclear power plants against the sky

Merit Order Effect - What is it and how does it affect energy prices?

Why are electricity prices constantly changing? Find out what the Merit Order is and how electricity prices are determined.
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28_How do consumers buy electricity and gas?

How do consumers buy electricity and gas?

The end of 2023 is approaching. Many companies are already budgeting costs for next year. Discussions are underway about whether this is a good time to buy energy. So how should companies contract to be sure they are doing it right?
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27_Optimize your company's cost electricity gas

Optimize your company's charges for electricity and natural gas

Learn effective steps to optimize your company's electricity and natural gas invoices, lowering your energy costs!
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26_How to control your Company's Energy Costs

How to Control Your Company's Energy Costs: 3 Key Steps

A very simple model will allow us to properly diagnose whether our money spent on electricity and natural gas is being spent correctly.
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24_Factors affecting electricity and gas prices

Factors that will affect electricity and gas prices in 2023

Electricity and natural gas consumers will remember 2022 as one of the most difficult years in the history of running their businesses.
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