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27_Optimize your company's cost electricity gas

Optimize your company's charges for electricity and natural gas

Learn effective steps to optimize your company's electricity and natural gas invoices, lowering your energy costs!
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20_SaaS application that saves millions

SaaS application that saves enterprises millions on energy every year

Energy procurement is a much broader subject than many people think. It’s so complex that not even energy suppliers fully understand it. The realization of that fact was one of the key reasons why we started Enerace as a consulting company.
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16_Unsecured electricity and gas price for

Unsecured electricity and gas price for 2022-2023

Europe is currently in a very complicated situation. Electricity and gas prices break new records. What does this mean for energy consumers? Certainly not the same for everyone. Let's introduce some possible scenarios and tips on how to get through this difficult period.
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13_Capacity market fee - booster for energy

Capacity market fee - booster for energy transition

From 1st January 2021 (not as previously declared from 1st October 2020) electricity consumers in Poland will become CAPACITY MARKET FEE payers. Who it concerns, what it means, how it will be calculated and whether it can be avoided - the first in a series of articles on the capacity fee.
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11_RACE - how to buy energy, not to bump

RACE - how to buy energy, not to bump and reach your destination

In recent weeks many of us have given up training and all competitions as we know have been canceled. Such times. Fortunately, what we have in our achievements is ours and at least we can refer to our experiences from previous years. I remember most of the half marathons I took part in, but a few of them in particular.
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10_How to buy energy in difficult times?

How to buy energy in difficult times?

12 years have passed since the last crisis and many of us have already forgotten about this difficult time. First of all: don't panic!
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