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27_Optimize your company's cost electricity gas

Optimize your company's charges for electricity and natural gas

Learn effective steps to optimize your company's electricity and natural gas invoices, lowering your energy costs!
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26_How to control your Company's Energy Costs

How to Control Your Company's Energy Costs: 3 Key Steps

A very simple model will allow us to properly diagnose whether our money spent on electricity and natural gas is being spent correctly.
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24_Factors affecting electricity and gas prices

Factors that will affect electricity and gas prices in 2023

Electricity and natural gas consumers will remember 2022 as one of the most difficult years in the history of running their businesses.
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17_A path towards the energy crisis

A path towards the energy crisis

Energy consumers are appalled by the current levels of electricity and natural gas prices not only in Poland but throughout Europe and even beyond its borders. What was the reason of current situation?
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16_Unsecured electricity and gas price for

Unsecured electricity and gas price for 2022-2023

Europe is currently in a very complicated situation. Electricity and gas prices break new records. What does this mean for energy consumers? Certainly not the same for everyone. Let's introduce some possible scenarios and tips on how to get through this difficult period.
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15_How much are the energy price forecasts worth?

How much are the energy price forecasts worth?

You may be surprised how perfectly the completely contradictory forecasts and theories can be justified. However, many people still ask us: when will energy prices be the lowest, what will gas prices look like in the coming months or even years.
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