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Training - 3 skills of a good energy buyer

Bartek Palusiński in his article on the analogy between the purchase of energy and mountain MTB marathons raised the issue of preparation.


All guys will definitely think that you have to start with ... equipment 😉


As a runner with many years of experience, I know something about how to easily fall into a spiral of growing expectations: new, lighter and better cushioned shoes, special shirts, sweatshirts and of course sports watches!


Yes, it all matters. But only when we see that it really turns us on.


I remember when I started my running adventure. I first listened to the advice of My Personal Trainer. My Wife (yes, yes, this is the person who motivates me on a daily basis), because I am talking about her, she advised me on a method known from story when a child wants a dog. First, you buy a leash and several times a day for a month you expect to "go out" with a leash without a dog, check if the child still wants to have it. If it don't get bored after a month, then you start looking for a dog 😉 This way I took my sports shoes (almost unused) out of the closet and started my test running month.


A beginning like a beginning. It was not very pleasant, because it turned out that my condition was lost somewhere. But it got better every week.

Anyone who regularly practices a sport and sometimes has a break for various reasons knows how difficult it is to return to regular activity.


Let's consider what this has to do with the characteristics of a good energy buyer.


Well, it has quite a lot. It's hard to be good at something if you don't care about your condition.


You have to start from scratch. And as we know these basics, we should check whether what we learned some time ago is still valid.


Before we start negotiating with energy suppliers, let's set up our individual training plan:

Do you know the basics? How does the energy market work in general? Who are the main players? What is the price of energy on our invoice?

Where to look for market information?

Do I need a trainer - who can advise me to buy energy better?




A good buyer (also one who deals with energy) is the search for information and the ability to set priorities. We all know that now everything is on the Internet. But we should not be talking about everything. We need the most important things for buyers.


Let's start from the basics. Where can you find them? At the source! Not in the comments, subjective insights but in the source information.


I recommend, e.g. the website of the Energy Regulatory Office


Unfortunately, the aging Energy Law of April 10, 1997 is not a fascinating and addictive sensational book; (


For those who are already familiar with the topic, the quotations on the Polish Power Exchange will certainly be interesting:


Starting cooperation with various clients I am still realizing that many people do not know the basic components of energy prices and what can actually be negotiated with bidders:

Or what does the energy mix look like in the country to which our energy purchases relate:


We all know that if we don't know, it is worth checking online. The Internet will tell you a lot. Not just the truth. 😉

Our world is now so bombarded with information that sometimes it is difficult to realize all this. Information on the energy market is not unique in this respect.

A good buyer should learn to distinguish between information that may have a fundamental impact on him and that which will cease to be relevant in a very short time.

It is also easy to get trapped that will lead us to the muddy ground of speculation.

First of all, we should stick to the facts.

Only later do we reach for opinions.

We find free or partially free services such as:

There are also paid services on the market, e.g. Montelnews or Reuters.

And just like in running, I do not recommend buying the most expensive shoes or a very extensive sports watch right away, so here I advise you to be prudent.

COACH - is it worth listening to someone how it works and whether I will have better results through this approach

The natural feature of (almost) every human being is striving to improve achievements and increase results. I remember my running beginnings and unfortunately the typical mistakes of the rookie: light (thankfully) injuries caused by inadequate training, bad strategy at competitions or too ambitious goals. Fortunately, runners are a kind of brotherhood and you can quickly find support in solving such problems.

The work of an energy buyer is similar. I know a lot of cases of the wrong strategy, injuries manifested in the wrong moment of purchase, or too ambitious goals leading to speculation. Here the analogy to running ends because quick and good support is not as easy as in the case of runners.

It is often the case that an energy buyer has no one to talk to about their problematic situations, because no one else understands it ... Often, the energy suppliers provides support. Suppliers know a lot and share their information with customers. Remember, however, that this is often a subjective assessment.

Therefore, it is worth considering whether we need a trainer 😉, an expert, a specialist dealing solely with the purchase of energy, or whether to be more precise management of energy costs in such a way as to limit the risks associated with it.

If we have a good trainer, the chance for a better form increases. In purchasing energy, just like in sport, form, proper distribution of strength and a bit of luck are important!

Luck alone is not enough, so it's worth keeping fit and the right strategy.

If you are interested in improving your buying results, building the right strategy, receiving relevant market information and want to properly prepare for the buing season, I will gladly become your trainer 😉

Author: Wojciech Nowotnik