We Celebrate 5 Wonderful Years of Supporting Energy Decisions

We recently marked a significant milestone in our journey - our 5th anniversary! πŸŽ‰ It's time to share our story, achievements, and express heartfelt thanks to all who have been part of this incredible adventure.

Here's What Fills Us with Pride:


🌱 Evolution from Idea to Reality: We started with a question - How can we make energy procurement better, faster, and more efficient for everyone? Today, we stand as leaders in energy consultancy in Poland.


πŸ’‘ Mission as Guides: Our main mission has always been to empower energy consumers to make quick, informed, and efficient purchasing decisions. We faced the greatest challenges - from "nothing more can be done" to "it can't be done" - and turned them into opportunities for increased purchasing awareness and savings.


πŸ” Comprehensive Solutions: We offer a full range of services for large, medium, and small businesses. Whether it's sustainable development, short and long-term energy procurement, legal support, or consumption management.


πŸš€ Beyond Standard: We didn't want to be just another consulting firm. Our goal was to be a little better. Our values speak for themselves.


πŸ† Achievements: Our journey is characterized by millions in savings for our clients, a 94% customer retention rate, leadership in the Polish market, advising on over 3 TWh of electricity and 3 TWh of natural gas.

Heartfelt Thanks:


As we celebrate, we also look forward with joy. Our commitment remains unchanged - to support businesses with the knowledge, tools, and strategies necessary for efficient energy procurement and management.


To Our Clients, Partners, and Team - thank you for being an integral part of our success! πŸš€

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